random love

Happy freedom day, America

gay freedom

from Tokyo.

Funnily and unexpectedly enough, this holiday has struck a deep chord within me.  Perhaps it took moving to a foreign country, one in which I’m a citizen, to make me think damn hard and comparatively about American things like:

change, weed, immigration, conflict, acceptance, hate, cops, motherfucking Hollywood, documentaries, fast food, abuse, Vegas, the fucking judicial system, abortion, beer, AA, puppies, capitalism, goddamn public transportation,
Planned Parenthood, traffic, swimming pools, guns, NYC, libraries,
the homeless, privilege,  infomercials, love, Prince, reality TV, the death penalty,
fucking musicals, Apple, vegans, fly fishing,  NAACP, the public, goddamn Texas, telemarketing, Sesame Street, equality, drag queens, fucking healthcare.

I could go on.  And on.

But really, it’s just this:
Love you, America.

Oh fuck, have I just become patriotic?
I’m aight with that.

Love y’all, Happy 4th, Peace.


8 thoughts on “Happy freedom day, America

      • I saw him in 2003 – front row. It was amazing. If I had the money, I would have travelled the world going to his shows. So many songs that on the album were not that special, like “The One”, “Shh”, and “Let’s work”… but in concert were absolutely incredible. I find it hard to listen to his albums now, because they just don’t live up to the live experience.

      • I am so jealous as I have not had the privilege of seeing him, but love hearing how he exceeds expectations all. the. time. Love him.

      • The only disappointing live show was his Las Vegas show at the Aladdin… but I only watched the DVD and he was promoting the equally disappointing “Rainbow Children” at the time…. so probably a factor. Seriously, he is a concert experience like no other. Madonna came very close, but that’s like comparing apples and oranges. WIth Prince, it’s just him and his guitar and band on the stage. With Madonna, it’s a multi-media assault on the senses. Another personal favorite of mine, The B-52’s put on a party like no other, again, without the color and movement of a Madonna show. The acrobatics coming from Kate and Cindy’s voices… so many sounds on the CD that I thought were coming from a computer/animal/machine where actually coming from the girls themselves 🙂

      • I haven’t. I liked her at first, but then it all became a bit much for me. Is she good live? I know from the times she’s done her songs live an acoustic that she is talented.

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