Best. First. Date. Ever.

My eyeballs need cocaine

Unbeknownst to me until a few days ago, there is a magical first date formula that will impress me.

Here it is:
1) Cheap, crap Italian food with even cheaper beer and wine with a killer view.  Seriously nice Tokyo skyline, y’all.

2) Trying a new drink at an 8-seater bar in Golden Gai, where date’s beautiful and charming trans friend tends bar.  In this case, think Japanese ice pick made with sake and Oolong tea…simple and yum.

3) Conbini tall boys for the walks from bar to bar because drinking on the street is totally legal (and fun) here, so why not?

4) Last stop is a BDSM-themed bar where not only am I listening to incomprehensible French by a super cute but slightly twisted Japanese girl, the Mongolian sumo wrestler next to me buys everyone a glass of pink bubbly (which I love) before taking his penis out and receiving blow jobs from two girls at the same time.

So give me these experiences on a first date and I will end up quite smitten or at the very least pretty fucking impressed.

Thank you, I had a great time.


8 thoughts on “Best. First. Date. Ever.

  1. Shannon says:

    My bf and I agree that that is a pretty bad-ass first date. I’m curious what he could possibly have in store for the second one…. He’s set the bar pretty high!

    • I’m thinking something completely mundane ’cause there’s no use competing. And my liver needs less booze as I’m still fighting what now feels like pneumonia. *sigh*

      • Shannon says:

        Yeah, topping that might leave you without a liver or memory of who/where you are.

        Hot brandy is supposed to help a cold. But not a liver, unfortunately. Perhaps chicken broth is a better solution? Or antibiotics. When did we get so old that fun made us sick? SAD.

      • It IS sad. I’ll have to try brandy. I ate honey to stop coughing then drank warm milk to help me sleep, which didn’t make me feel like mee-maw at all.

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