random love

5 things

My eyeballs need cocaine

I must have on a deserted island?

I’m working a damn long day; I will have had a three-hour break in a 36-hour workday, which makes me think survival mode.

I’ve never answered this question, actually.
And even though it’s a total hypothetical, I feel this pressure like oh shit, these are the ONLY 5 things I will be allowed when I get stranded on a desert island.

So what do I need?

1) the fattest plain notebook ever and a megabox of pens (0.5mm)
2) resistant-to-the-elements sleeping bag
3) the toughest, most comfortable, weather-proof shoes on creation
4) potatoes (starchy comfort food plus it’s easy to root, yes?)
5) glasses of the severely corrective lenses variety (oh, can that be a flame source?)

This is the most practical list I can come up with.

I thought about adding love, in any form, even as an unforgettable memory because I do need that in my life regardless of the where.  But if a memory- a feeling, a series of instant recall, flashback experiences- will suffice, then maybe it has already carved a permanent  sanctuary in my brain-heart and I don’t need it on a list?

I won’t forget but sometimes a fade happens…evidence of time and distance working their (un)fortunate magic.


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