random love

THAT word

THAT word

elicits some strong reactions.

Yup, I’m talking cunt.
And moist.

I think those might be the two most hated words in the English language.  It seems that moist nauseates people and cunt offends the fuck out of many folks.

So of course my juvenile mind thinks, what if we committed to using those words in conjunction?  I mean, a moist cunt isn’t nauseating nor offensive unless one has issues of a different sort altogether.

Here’s my rationale:
If you’re a straight man, lesbian or bi there is no problem with a moist cunt.
If you’re a gay man and that combination is very ew gross, maybe it’ll lead to thoughts of other, much more scrumptious sex?
And after reading through the very violent insta-response moist produces, vag imagery might not be the worst thing.

Personally, moist doesn’t bother me and cunt has been one of my longstanding favorites.
Moist cunt?
That’s good fun.

Perhaps my side project of the week is what set off this train of thought.
I leave you beautiful people with that imagery below as I ponder what word does drive me nuts in a rotten way…

cunt fuji